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Instead, you run the iVideon server on your laptop, which collects all of the video streams from throughout your house and sends them over the internet to your iVideon cloud account. This lets you access the video feeds from anywhere at all, so long as you have access to the internet.

The server is very easy to set up, and automatically detects all devices connected to your network that the server can collect video or sound feeds from. The iVideon software and cloud account is free.

2. Yaw Cam

This IP camera viewer is one of the most impressive free Wifi camera apps. Instead of guessing at your Wi-Fi camera settings like port number or brand, it scans for the correct port and connects to your camera with ease. The free version of Anycam. However for an affordable fee, upgrading the software lets you connect to multiple cameras at once.

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This IP camera app and lets you add up to 64 cameras that you can display on the main screen in different layouts. Adding new cameras is easy with just the IP address of the camera. You can initiate motion detection monitoring on any one or all of the cameras. You can also initiate recording as well.

Setup is very easy and works with a long list of popular camera brands. Features of this app include:.

The app includes a manual that can help with connecting to cameras and configuring the application. Agent is a free IP camera viewer app that makes connecting to any Wi-FI camera on your network extremely easy. The Agent runs on your computer as a server, and you can access your free cloud account to run the connection wizard and view all of the live feeds. Once the app locates your cameras, just return to the main window and click on Live to see all of the feeds.

Just right click and edit the settings to connect.

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Download Agent. AtHome Video Streamer 2. Optimal Webcam Record Pack Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 64 bits Digital Camera Enhancer 1. Camera Photo Recovery 1. IP Camera Recorder 1. Ultra Alternative Image Server Combo Free Camera Photo Recovery 1. Nikon Camera Control Pro 2. Articles about camera. Guide to Photoshop Express: the photo tool every phone needs. I installed it first on my tablet and the camera would record while I was testing it, but it would not work when I was not home.

The program would shut down after I left it open, and I was careful to disable the option for my tablet to sleep after inactivity. I even installed it on my laptop with the same results. The program would shut down, and the motion detection would not work.

IP Camera Viewer

I used the "lock by system" feature to no avail, which should allow the program to work even after locking the computer to prevent unauthorized access. It seems that a lot of work was put into this service, but I regret that it does not live up to my expectations. Windows tablets and Windows store apps are usually designed to be power efficient. Windows store app also having another issue: it will be put to sleep if it is not running in the foreground.

You can download it from www.

Camera Driver (HD Camera) for Microsoft Windows 8 (bit, bit) - IdeaPad Z, Z, Z - FI

It supports multiple webcams and IP cameras, and you will have access to the local live views just like a CCTV system while it is recording to the cloud. The app is free. We offer 3-day free trial. After that you can order a subscription, or renew the free trial. The price has nothing to do with the APP. Please visit our support pages for camera setup support.

Also take a look at many cameras published by our users to get a better idea. Thank you. We are sorry to know that you don't like the app because you don't want to pay for the service. This apps is FREE and you can use it with a very limited recording parameter. The app is designed to get you easily started with a real security service.

You might still want to order an IP camera later. Please understand it is not a local recording app.

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If the app only records locally, then it will not use our Cloud storage, bandwidth and processing power. However, local recording is not secure.

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An intruder can steal your computer and you lose any recorded footage. Cloud recording has a cost, but it is much safer as intruders cannot destroy the recorded data. Also, we support most IP cameras; you can even use old smartphone as cloud security camera. We hope you would comment on our quality of service and features. Its the most unreliable ip cam app out there I cant believe Windows Store let these people put this junk app on there Planned to buy an IP security camera and did some research online.

But there are so many choices, and it does not seem to be easy to setup, esp.

How to Hack Windows 10/8/8.1 Webcam and Microphone Using Kali Linux

Just tried this one, the setup was very easy and straight-forward. In just a few minutes, I was able to see the images on my iPhone. If it works fine for the trial period, I will surely subscribe.