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Cell spy tracker app nokia gps tracking apps for android phone tracker for phone tracking. how to catch your spouse cheating on facebook Mobile spy is blackberry monitoring software to monitor your blackberry in real time. Appsmobile spy apps for nokia Trial Cell Spy Software Awais Shaikh 8 Nov 12 Nokia Lumia.

Im extremely careful now and my friends know not to send me anything suspicious. When I do get something, I tell them what I got from their account, and remind them to check for malware. Im cautious on all devices now. I dont want to be hacked again, but I know how to check and reset if I suspect it. Dont trust something because it came from someone you know… check sender information, isp info, and delete it if it doesnt match up.

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Skilled hackers can disguise themselves easily by pretending to be someone you know. Hope this helps at least one person. I looking for an app to install on android Samsung galaxy to detect individual snooping remotely and their device impersonating another individual allowing the number to be seen as person being impersonated. Also my boy is phone was a Galaxy S7 I found lots certificates that he had trusted foreign and English he is only 10 but Sam certificates gave his phone access to copy data from any phone that was put next to his My 16 year old daughter has an LG Rebel Android.

Her almost new phone battery was not holding a charge. Then the phone started overheating, and apps started acting strangely. Eventually friends started noticing weird texts from her some offensive that she swears she did not send.

Is there any way I can prove whether or not this was a hack job? From Josh Kirschner on January 18, :: pm. Start by downloading one of the security apps we recommended and see if it detects anything on the phone. If not, then the phone is probably clean. All my devices including my Roku are compromised and the Hacker is probably using something called Samba 3. How do I block him from accessing my devices to start with laptop.

He basically has access to my Router. When I talk to someone over my mobile phone Lenovo Vibe K5 Note, it seems one of my friend is able to listen the conversations. He used my phone for around minutes as his phone was not working around 15 days ago. Could you tell what app might be installed in my phone and how could I remove the same. From Josh Kirschner on January 22, :: pm. More often when I call him someone responds…it happens even when my bf is out to where there is no network coverage.

Could it be that the person hacked my bf phone or he is merely cheating like that? She was reading texts, emails etc. Would that software still be associated with my telephone number? Should I change my number?? Trying to protect myself! From Josh Kirschner on January 26, :: am. The types of spyware you are likely to encounter are device-specific. That is, they are apps installed on a specific device and are not connected to the phone number of that device. From Josh Kirschner on February 12, :: pm. Can you elaborate?

So, out of vulnerability I did a survey for an Amazon gift card stupidly, put in my number and email. Is there a possibility of getting hacked and how would I know? Please help! From Josh Kirschner on February 16, :: am. However, it does open you up for phishing type attacks. That said, these gift card things are usually a way of collecting info so they can spam you and resell your email address to others to spam you.

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After reading through all of the messages to you, I was relieved to see you still are responding. And shocked, I must say. I have had suspicions that my husband has been tracking my phones for the last 6 or so years. A few examples: My text messages have shown as duplicates on my bill, for a few years with ATT and now Sprint.


My Usage shows in gigabytes. Completely disproportionate from my actual usage.

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I had done all I could with android and felt too vulnerable, so finally switched back to IPhones. I have the strangest system diagnostic show up. He acts ignorant to all things phone related, yet is a frequent follower of Github. He is a gamer, and always has to the best electronics. And for just our household he has to always have what he deems the best for computer equipment. He is very savvy. We have an Asus dual band I have read so many books trying to learn anything I can about all things computers: networks, p2p, java, coding mainly bc I found a file on his computer with so much code, much of it with target 0 and I thought that may be the key.

Programing is just not in the cards for me! I know you are busy, but anything you can do to help would be so greatly appreciated. I will gladly pay for your services. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! From Josh Kirschner on February 20, :: pm. Once we changed that on her phone, her data dropped significantly. Perhaps the more fundamental question you need to ask is not a technical one, but a human one. From Josh Kirschner on July 08, :: pm. Many home routers offer logs or built-in parental control features that let you see what sites are being visited.

All i can say is wow…i have ben reading and feeling the same exact way for almist as long.. She runs all internet so to say networks etc.. Its like im denied..

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There was info that was accurate enough to where they knew personal info. Could someone have hacked or blocked my messages to him? From Josh Kirschner on February 26, :: pm.

A friend of mine said that her boyfriend claimed to have visual coverage over her whilst he was in Europe. Not just a GPS location but that he claimed that he could see what she was doing and who or what was close to her. I told her he is bluffing but she claimed otherwise.

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I need clarification as to whether or not such tech is accessible to civilians and if so is it true that you can see someone in real time? Need some clarification….. From Josh Kirschner on February 28, :: am. So if her boyfriend installed one of these apps on her phone then, yes, he could have been spying on her even when she was in Europe since these spy apps can be controlled anywhere via the Internet.

Someone spoke to me through my phone and referenced my place of employment, what the hell is this and how?! I was waiting for an answer to why my phone spoke by itself while I was texting someone. That was. I have posted three times.