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It is criminal gangs and govt. This is very good information. Very helpful! Even though I'm not being stalked or anything, and even if you aren't this is useful information to carry around with you incase you know someone who is. I was stalked by this method as well as other technology methods completely unaware!!! The problem began as far back as our dating, then well into our early marriage.

I went to my local police and they were stumped of what to do.

I divorced him and changed all devices including the car I drive. Everything was wired and bugged. I've been stalk for over three years plus by Barbara brown last known workplace was at mc Donald's in fort mc Murray Ab she now as one of her male friends stalking my family and our mobile phones remotely they can change my password block my call and text email modify the phone os and so an the most disgusting part is when you are on a call and they hold down the dial tone button if there is any info how to get them behind bars please post the info thanks.

Great information, Can someone please help me with this , I've complained and told everyone and I get no where. I dated a guy who works for IBM it ended this past May , He did a remodel in my house , but didn't finish it, Since May every phone I purchase gets hacked , There is something in or around my house that hacks my stuff before I even know it, and its not detected, I wont bring my laptop home. The same thing happens at my mothers home 15 miles away. If you think someone has hacked your devices, follow the steps listed in the blog post. The resources listed in the blog post may be able to help you or direct you to someone who can help you check your devices.

Everythingthing in telecommunication fraud has happen to me. I believe my phone has some kind of spyware installed on it. My phone, however, was shut off when I believe this was done, Is it possible for this to happen when your phone is shut off? If you think a stalking app was installed on your phone, you can follow the steps listed in the blog post.

One of the resources listed in the blog post may be able to answer your question and help you check your phone. Pls help me!! I have a exboss whom is stalking on me. I know it was him.. Is something personal of myself or between my group of Frens n the current company I'm working for. He know every single movement of me. I have change so many mobile phone and number too the past 1 years.. I have done all like factory reset, antivirus hide ip, cell spy catches and stuff like that but none help.

I'm doing research everyday and resencelly study alot on my phone log. There was something weird I don't understand. Any kind soul pls advice. Pls advice me of anyways I could stop all tis. I'm helpless and is really mentally draining for me. I read the article. The thing is I have a real cheap phone that I couldn't tell he did it.

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But I just synced my old phone with my new phone and on this awesome good phone it's showing up. It's his e mail and my phone number. He is tracking me and we have been broke up for over a year now!

My question is: Now I know how do I get if off my phone without his password. He won't give me the password he just was laughing!!!! I think that my ex is stalking me. He constantly starts calling me but only when I go out of town with my friends or new boyfriend. He was very controlling and mentally abusive. I am very scared of what he is capable of doing.

We live in a very small town and the police are of know help. The system is not for the victim. I am at a loss. I can not have a concealed to carry permit. It is awful to feel this way.

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It isn't my ex stalking me, there is a girl at work that is harassing me and stalking me and has other people doing it. I don't know what kind of lies she is telling them to get them to do this. This has been going on for about 2 years. She has seen everything on my phone and no doubt had the camera on too. She has seen and heard very personal things. I know this has to be against the law apps like this just were any psycho can get a hold of them and connect to your phone and listen, watch, and no everything you say and do, along with passwords and personal information.


What can be done about this? This blog has some ideas for you. Cops don't and can't do anything unless you can prove who. My ex boss secretly installed monitoring software on my phone 2 years ago. If any of you have a smart phone look for the MDM app also called smart device management,android for work.

Go online and look up monitoring software for businesses.

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I'm still being stalked and still working hard everyday for answers. Anything you do on your phone is being monitored. So if you decide to buy a phone.. When I asked for documentation of the incident, I was refused. The technician pled with me to not report the line altho he did remove unauthorized "bugs". Again, all documents refused. A second line had been added to the. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

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Search form Search. Who's stalking: what to know about mobile spyware. Even if battery life was no issue, she would have had to access my phone again and reactivate location sharing after 12 hours, the maximum amount of time Glympse allows. Day Two, Google Maps: After the same morning routine of handing my phone over to my wife, I got on a bike and headed to a hacker conference a few neighborhoods away in Brooklyn. As I rode, my wife sent me periodic text messages guessing at my destination, until she figured out it was the conference—despite my not having mentioned it.

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It was only that evening, while I was taking our kid to a playground and my phone was losing power, that I went hunting through various app settings to preserve my remaining battery and found that she'd turned on Google Maps location sharing. That entire day, I had seen no other sign that location sharing had been turned on in any app. Days Three and Four, Apple Find My Friends: My wife's tracking continued, but now without any noticeable drain on my battery or any other hints of my phone's betrayal.

I did not leave my apartment for the entire third day, perhaps an indictment of my life's excitement level. But on the morning of the fourth day, my wife watched me head into Manhattan on the subway for a two-hour meeting at NYU's journalism school—"or maybe having an affair!