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Articles, such as underwear, clothing and bed sheets containing suspicious stains can be rapidly and reliably screened for the presence of semen utilizing a combination of three techniques: ultraviolet illumination, prostate specific antigen PSA and microscopy. Even if a man is vasectomized, his semen can still be detected.

Scorned husband makes posters of 'cheating' wife in her underwear warning ‘lock up your husbands’

Ultraviolet UV light is a popular tool in many forensic investigations for the presumptive identification of body fluids on a variety of items. Materials such as semen, saliva, perspiration and vaginal secretions are naturally fluorescent under UV light which offers a discriminating method for locating these stains which might otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

Prostate specific antigen, also known as PSA, is secreted into seminal fluid. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Infidelity Testing. Home Services Infidelity Testing. Is your husband suddenly spending several late nights at the office?

Infidelity test kit for spouses and parents - SemenSPY Deluxe at Detective Store

Is he distant and moody? Does he make excuses for where he has been?

29 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Has he lost interest in the physical aspect of your relationship? A private investigator has revealed the 12 warning signs to watch out for if you believe your partner is cheating. The private detective, who offered his advice on condition of anonymity, released the guide to help women gather the evidence they need to put their mind at ease - or to confront their partner over their infidelity.

From the slightest change in the position of the car's passenger seat, to an interest in a new hobby, the signs can often be far subtler than lipstick on a shirt collar. The online guide, released today, was created in collaboration with business listings site Bark. For those who need the final piece of evidence to confirm their suspicions, the private investigator has provided five 'tests' that can be carried out to reveal a partner's true feelings.

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He also shared a five-step plan to confronting a suspected cheater. Fear your relationship might be in jeopardy? Scroll down to find out more Stock image. The 12 warning signs of infidelity. They are playing new music.

If your partner is spending time with a new person, it makes sense that they would pick up on some of their interests. A sudden interest in a genre or artist who previously didn't get played might just be a sign that he's mirroring someone else's taste in music. The passenger seat has been adjusted. If the car's passenger seat has been moved, it shows that someone else has been riding shotgun with your partner. Moving the seat back is likely to be something that he would forget to do if he was covering his tracks. More mileage on the car than there should be.

Where has your partner been going that requires extra mileage? Being protective of phone, social media or email. They may also take their phone to the bathroom, keep it on silent or always keep it face down. Any calls are taken in a different room. Dramatic change in sex drive. Decline in communication. Cologne, toothbrush, condoms--all bad.

Hug him--a lot When he comes home from work later than he said he would greet him at the door and give him a great big hug. Smell him for signs of perfume, alcohol, smoke, or sex. These are all out-of-the-ordinary smells for someone who was supposed to be working.

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  • Go through his dirty laundry You can learn a lot from dirty laundry. It's almost certain he's cheating if you notice he has new underwear. If you find he's thrown out the underwear that's ripped or have holes in them, it means he's decided he can't be seen in them anymore, even by you.

    1. Sudden attention to appearance

    Men never suddenly decide to throw out underwear, even the saggy ones that show their hairy butt crack. Next, give the new underwear a sniff. If they have the fruity smell of personal lubricants, bingo! Call back If you get a lot of hang-ups, jot down the numbers and call them back from a payphone. When the person answers, don't say anything and see if you can recognize their voice. Hang up so you don't give away that you're closing in on them. Just steel yourself in case the voice you hear is the voice of your best girlfriend.

    Snoop Be a snoop. Go through bags, coat pockets, garbage cans, anyplace you might be able to find a clue that he's sneaking around behind your back. You're looking for movie stubs, condom wrappers, or restaurant receipts.

    Stain in panties - Message Boards - Truth About Deception

    Find out where he's eating. If it's far from work and home, he might be eating there because he doesn't want to get caught. Now that you know where he likes to eat, you could start randomly dropping in. Analyze your sex life If you're still having sex with the low-life bottom feeder, be suspicious if he's suddenly very adventurous and wants to try new tricks or appliances in bed.

    Has he suddenly mastered an old maneouvre that he used to fumble through? Where's he getting all this extra practice?